Spring Into Summer 2019 Newsletter


Spring Into Summer 2019 Newsletter

Hello, Friends! 

As we move towards the summer solstice, we prepare to welcome more light into our lives. Together, let's celebrate this transition towards a higher vibration and more healing energies. One way to do this is by envisioning the whole planet being bathed in a vibrant white light. In Reiki, white light energy is healing and protective. Let's unite in its powerful beauty.

For more information on energetic healing, explore the blogs below. Recently, Energy Matters, LLC. has featured topics like finding your willpower, overcoming fear, and boosting your self-confidence when it comes to fashion. You'll also discover detailed reviews of popular products to safeguard or improve your health such as weighted blankets, balance boards, or cleaner personal care products.

Rose Boghos
Certified Whole Health Educatorᵀᴹ and Integrative Lifestyle Practitioner

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Feeling Inadequate?
You may already know how designer sizing makes healthy individuals feel inadequate. Designers make us fit into their clothes when they should be making clothes to fit us…      Read More →

Six Healing Benefits of Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets have become a trendy solution for anxiety and sleeplessness. Research confirms that their benefits go beyond the simple comfort of an ordinary quilt... Read More →

 Is Fear Holding You Back?
There are two ways to approach the things we fear. The first choice is to run away, avoiding the source of discomfort. The second option is to face our fears head on, removing their power.…Read More →

Where Is My Willpower?
Willpower is like a muscle. When flexed often, it becomes stronger. A more surprising way that willpower is like a muscle is that it requires energy in the form of glucose in order to work…Read More →


Invest In Your Health with a ProFitness Balance Board
There are numerous benefits to using a balance board, and not all of them are strictly fitness-related. Regular sessions with a balance board may boost brain functioning, enhance your posture, and more… Read More →

Should You Switch To Beautycounter Personal Care Products? 
When it comes to protecting your health and avoiding harmful ingredients, you probably put a lot of thought into your food choices. What about the products you put on your skin? Read More →

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