Can We Program Ourselves To Spontaneously Heal?

spontaneous healing program your mind energy matters llc Are we like a computer? Can we program ourselves to spontaneously heal? Let’s look at the information available to us in order to answer this question. We already know that we can run a program of self-destruction. This often leads to addictions: alcohol, drugs, gambling or overeating. So…then can we also reverse the mindset with internal programming? YES.

Recent research suggests that it is indeed possible. One astonishing experiment found that, to an extent, human DNA may be reprogrammed through human speech. Incredibly, different words and frequencies might have unique and powerful effects. Connect this new knowledge to your own patterns. What words and energetic frequencies surround your internal and external environment?

“Om chanting sends positive messages to the brain and the cells in our body and can actually reprogram our health and behavior.” ―Amit Ray

By altering this feedback, you may actually discover a way to change your heath, not just today but long term. By increasing your exposure to positive words, speaking to yourself with kindness, and eliminating any unserving energies in your vicinity, you may reprogram your body toward good health and spontaneous healing.

There may be many reasons why this works, but one clear possibility can be seen in the way that we are affected by stress. Stress exists in many forms and sizes. Big stressors can make us uncomfortable and diminish our immune response, but even small stressors, over time, can lead to serious harm. For example, a chronically over-packed schedule will lead to burnout.

Mayo Clinic confirms that chronic stress increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation is closely tied to many illnesses including heart disease, depression and even cancer. It makes sense then, that the energy around us, when unserving, may also lead to stress and disease.

Reverse this cycle, and you will also reverse the results. Energy in equals energy out. When we are soaked in positivity, our bodies begin to radiate good, healing energy that makes us invincible in the face of disease. Begin now to reprogram your body for spontaneous healing.

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What To Remember:

Stress, unkind words, and unserving energy can trigger inflammation.

 Inflammation is the root of many unwanted diseases.

Reprogram your body with positivity to improve your immune system and spark spontaneous healing.

Watch this video on Programming Ourselves To Spontaneously Heal.




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