Energy Clearing to Improve Your Health

“Be the energy you want others to absorb.” (A.D. Posey)

Let’s take a behind the scenes look at energy clearing. The Universe we live in is made up of energy. This energy is finite. That means all of the energy present today has been here since the beginning of time. It is both beautiful and interesting.

However, sometimes these energies become heavy or stuck in places where it is not useful. When that happens, it affects your experience. In fact, it can darken your mood and even damage your health. This unhelpful energy can be found anywhere, in you, your home, or place of business.

The Source of Energy

Energy Clearing to Improve Your Health

Feelings are signs of these vibrational frequencies. They show how energy can change your experience. In fact, your feelings give off real electromagnetic waves. This is also true of the people around you. That is part of why you feel safe and happy with some people and tired or sad with others. Your emotional energy waves can affect your day as well as anyone you meet. Sometimes this is called emotional energetics. There is one more thing you need to know. The energies you focus on the most grow the biggest.

Energies can also stall in one place and interrupt the lives of the people living there. Spaces that are filled with non–serving energy will make you feel unfocused, confused, or uncomfortable. You might start to have physical headaches or feel unwell, and not know why.

Homes can contain a variety of unwelcome vibrations, some more powerful than others. Actions can be taken to clear these energies and restore harmony and well-being. 

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The History of Energy Clearing

Taking actions to clear energies is not new. These traditions are based on age-old wisdom. They see each human body as being made up of many layers of energy. Many healing traditions have used energetic healing for thousands of years, in places all around the globe. Some well-known healing traditions that use energy healing include Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Acupuncture, the East Indian tradition of Ayurveda, and the Hindu Chakra tradition. Their practices were proven by Einstein’s research into physics. He confirmed the presence of a Human Energy Field. This has been proven again by new science. Science proves that a field is given off from the living human body.

Reiki: Hands-on Healing

Here enters the art of hands-on healing. This type of healing makes use of the ability to affect the human energy field. Its use dates back over 100 years. Reiki is one form of hands-on healing. It was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddist. A hands-on healing professional uses universal energy to encourage the body to heal.

In the last twenty years, energy healing has become more popular. This led to the acceptance of therapeutic touch by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association in 2005. At the same time, “energy field disturbance” was finally accepted as a real condition.


Probably the oldest example of energy clearing comes from the art of smudging. Smudging is a way of burning herbs to clear unserving energy. This practice is thousands of years old. This is often thought to be a Native American ritual. Yet, smudging is practiced all over the planet. It is used by the Zulus, the Maoris, the Chinese, and even the Balinese. You can practice smudging to clear items you use often. Try it on your cell phone, your bed, or your computer. You can also use smudging to clear a new home and remove the energies of the people who used to live there.

Improve Your Energy, Improve Your Health!

Whatever means you use, improving the vibrations within your home can bring many benefits. It may improve your mood, your wellness, and your relationships, especially with people living in the same space. Clearing unserving energies can also result in feeling lighter and happier, calmer and more peaceful.


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What to Remember:


  • The Universe and everything it contains is made of energy.
  • Most homes contain unwanted vibrations. Some may disrupt your mood or interfere with your health.
  • Energy clearing can improve your life.

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