Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing for Your Home or Office

The Universe is a mass of energy. Energy is a finite entity; all of the energy which exists in the Universe came into existence at the same moment in which the Universe came into existence. Similarly, energy cannot be destroyed. It can, however, be changed.

Sometimes places hold onto sticky or heavy energies, which do not serve to enhance the spaces in which they exist, nor do these energies serve the people who dwell in such spaces. These non-conducive energies can be found within our homes, in the property surrounding our homes and in our work places. A space which contains non-serving energy can cause many disturbances: poor health, confusion, inability to focus, chaos, headaches and a general sense of discomfort.

Adding solutions to the home to promote the flow of energy might include adding a crystal or installing a grounding piece of wood or simply removing the restriction. Sometimes Rose uses incense or smudge sticks to clear energy. In addition, sound is a very effective way to clear stagnant energy.

Offered as a house call or telephone consult this service includes an energetic assessment of the energy field of the home, office or yard. Rose will offer tools and suggestions to the homeowner to create a balanced environment. A follow-up session is suggested after changes have been implemented and the space’s energy has settled (approximately 3-4 weeks)

Offered as a One-Hour Session
Actual amount of time depends on size of space

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