Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Animal Healing Session*

Just as we feel more content in a well-balanced space, our pets, who share our needs and desires, want to feel in balance. They feel the stresses of the Universe and are born grounders of the Earth. They feel all the changes, shifts, palpations and restrictions of a space’s energy.

Indeed, our animals are so highly intuitive, telepathic and sensitive to the rhythms of the Universe and its changes that they may feel imbalances even more acutely than we do. Because all animals are grounders and healers in some form, they enter our dreams, imaginations and consciousness. As we shift and make changes to our environments, our animals are helping to ground the energies to bring things into balance. This can in turn cause them to feel anxiety and depression which can lead to the same health issues that stress produces in humans.

Rose channels with animals to find out what disrupts their energy fields and what is stressing them out. Once the energy cyst or restriction is identified, Rose helps guide the pet to a release.

Animal Healing
Animal Healing

It is important to help keep our animals in balance for many reasons. Because a pet is a member of the family, it is our responsibility to maximize its comfort. Also, animals not only help ground and balance the Universe, they also help ground and balance us. Many times Rose finds the disturbances in a pet actually belong to a member of the household. Animals are born healers and we do not choose our animals; rather, they choose us for their life lesson. In Rose’s experience, she has had many animals express that their health issues are related to being misunderstood by their owners. Just letting the owners know what it is feeling and thinking dramatically changes the dynamics of the pet and opens the gateway for telepathic communication. Remember your animal is already a telepathic, intuitive healer and can see into other dimensions. They see spirit guides, angels, orbs, and chi. Animals share our lives, but they do not share our disbeliefs.

Available as a house call or telephone consult, the Animal Healing Session focuses on the pet or animal and is conducted very similarly to the intuitive Healing Session using Medical Intuitive and Energy Healing techniques.

Offered as a One-Hour Session

*For the health and well-being of all of our clients, the Animal Healing Session is only available as a house call or telephone consult. Our office is animal dander free.

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